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  Krishnamurti SUPARKA

Krishnamurti Suparka CV (PDF)

Krishnamurti SUPARKA
They Came From The North
28 August to 21 September 2013

The works shown in this exhibition are part of an ongoing investigation into scriptural abstraction (Meismann 2013), or the process of abstracting letterforms and/or the writing system. Scriptural abstraction is to be understood as a metaphoric device that speaks of one’s bewilderment against the backdrop of change – the rapid change of our everyday, the turbulent paradoxes found in global occurrences and events – but most specifically, in the context of my recent move to Queensland from Victoria.

“They came from the north!” is an utterance which may or may not have been heard in actuality but one which has a certain resonance within my memory. It is one that goes back into my childhood, and amidst all the seemingly frivolous uncertainties accompanying my recollection of it, the expression most likely alludes to the hysteria surrounding the ‘barbarian invasions’ of early medieval Europe: the southward migration of the Visigoths, Vandals, and later on the Vikings and so forth.

Using this piece of unsolicited memory as a starting point, I decided to expand the implications of that utterance by merging it with my own northward migration. The play between notions of ‘the north’ and ‘Queensland’ and ‘barbarian’ is deliberate and in good humour, though I won’t disagree with those who are willing to testify truth in them.

The resulting opacities – the ambiguity of titles, the potentially irresolute manner of presentation – are indeed self-reflexive, and they point back to the aforementioned theme of bewilderment.

They Came From the North is ultimately an exploration on assumptions, preconceptions, prejudices and the hysteric reactions that often accompany these. It is in itself most probably an exercise in hyperbolism, and just like the region which inspired its fruition, it is one that seems to be content with such understanding.

Krishnamurti Suparka,
Melbourne 2013

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