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  Caspar ZIKA

Caspar Zika CV (PDF)

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to inhabit the gallery space and generate a site responsive body of work over a four week period leading up to the opening of the exhibition on April 9th.

This encounter has encouraged me to reflect and respond to the function of the traditional ‘gallery space’, particularly with regard to types of site specific, ephemeral installation works that have generally defined my practice to date. 

I’m interested in the notion of the gallery space acting as an empty vessel that is “filled” or “manipulated” for the period of an exhibition; then “emptied” or “restored” back to its original state on a cyclical 3 week rotation, ready for the next artist on the program to do the same.  Repetition, endlessness and monotony also themes that appear regularly in my practice.     

For one of my video works I’ve documented the process involved in both creating a physical work (in this case painting a repetitive line around the entire gallery space) and the process of restoring the gallery to its “white cubed” neutral state (the act of rubbing out and painting back to white).

The outcome of this work will be presented in a stop motion animation that records and documents the actions in space over time.  The work has been created, filmed, edited and is to be displayed all within the same environment. All signs of direct human intervention have been removed, disassociating the work from a theatrical performance and forcing the viewer to interact or engage directly with the space.      

Caspar Zika
April 2013

Caspar Zika 2011 Exhibition
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