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  Glenn MORGAN

I went back to my office and thought for a moment. Then it dawned on me that I was working only point eight that year. I had a day off. So I rang him back and said OK I will do it. Now I was locked in and I had 10 months to produce a show of drawings. Shit what will I do? Panic, panic.

First I thought I would limit it to just black and white and ink and charcoal. But the BIG QUESTION was what will I draw? I had no idea.

Then I made the rule that I could draw anything, any idea and when I started a drawing I had to finish it off. Even if it was no good I could edit it to the bin at the end. This was really liberating.

So I drew any idea. Old ones that I had already made sculptures or paintings of before or any new idea that happened to pop into my bald little head. At the end of the year I finished up with an eclectic group of drawings, but most importantly I had a new found love for drawing.

So drawing has really become a big part of my work practice.

In the past, I would always draw in a sketchy manner as to work out compositions for my paintings or sculptures. Now I was back doing finished off drawings.

So this year I have continued on drawing and I’ve been really enjoying it. I realize that the drawings are all over the shop as in subject matter. But each one tells its own story, whether it be me working on a cattle truck, or my life drawing class or a tribute to Jimmy Stynes. They are all stories that have touched me and have prompted me to put pen to paper.

I’ve really enjoyed making these works and I hope you can gain some enjoyment out of them as well.

Glenn Morgan

Warrnambool, 2012