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  David Gillison

David Gillison CV (PDF)

To introduce myself, and gain people’s trust, I started out shooting a series of portraits and general village views using black and white film that I could develop in our village hut, and thus show people what I was doing with my cameras. In the beginning, I began by walking about the village looking for subjects, and before setting up a tripod and medium format camera, I would ask their permission to take some shots. And following this I returned to our thatch-roofed house where, when darkness arrived, I could more or less safely develop the film. The next day I would return with a roll of negatives and show people their likenesses. The approach worked and the word got out that I was not a missionary planning to expose their secrets and thus shame them. What followed was a happy period when I was invited to observe almost every village ceremony. Some of these images are in the exhibition. 

The images were all shot on Hasselblad and Mamiya cameras, on Tri-X black and white film and processed using Kodak chemicals that were shipped up to me in the Highlands from Australia. Thirty years later I rediscovered the negatives, and instead of working in a darkroom I scanned the film using a high-end film scanner and for this show printed the work on an Epson 9880 printer using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.

David Gillison
July 2011
New York

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