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  Caspar ZIKA

Caspar Zika CV (PDF)

Shooting on location in the abandoned Northcote bowling alley, Zika’s video Light Translation #4 features two domestic lamps engaged in a playful encounter.  The use of morse code gives a clue to the manner in which these objects are interacting.

Morse code is utilized simultaneously as a point of entrance and departure, as a means by which to decipher the potential for these objects to interact.

Light is used within the work to highlight and underpin our relationship with language and dialogue - our inherent need for understanding.  The projected anthropomorphic forms are brought to life as the dynamic manipulation of light represents something familiar yet at the same time intentionally indecipherable.

This body of work explores the impermanence and transience of space. Place Gallery, once itself the industrial home of the Henry Bucks Clothing Company acts as a distant mirror to the redevelopment taking place across an increasingly urbanized landscape. In enacting an inter-play between lightness and dark, intermittent periods of illumination reveal brickwork similar to that of the gallery’s original factory environment.

Zika seeks to unveil what is lost beneath the surfaces of our built environments. In doing so we are reminded of the past conversations exchanged within their walls through an overriding playful humour and a romantic sense of drama.

Caspar Zika
October 2011

Caspar Zika 2013 Exhibition
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