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  Barry TATE

Barry Tate CV (PDF)

Over the past 40 years I have watched Barry and his artwork grow and develop. Barry develop from boy to man, and his art work from potter to painter/sculptor. I find him and his art work engaging, interesting, humorous, thought provoking, definitely not boring.

Barry has always been interested in the propaganda art of the Church, and he has never been scared to push the boundaries on this subject. He will use clay, glitter, gold, fibre optics, spray paint, lights and electric motors to help make his work as bling as he possibly can. As Peter Anderson said in the Brisbane Courier Mail “Tate’s work is more casino than Cathedral”.  Barry is always trying to push how kitsch he can make a piece of work and get away with it.

I was privy to a conversation that Barry was having with a friend who was talking about how many issues that Barry’s work has, such as, they are big, have to plug into the wall, are bright and kitsch, have religious overtones, are expensive to make and they were labour intensive. Barry’s reply “Yes, they do have all these issues, but I just want to make them”. This, to me is the perfect answer, “I just want to make them!”

This said, in a day and age when a lot of “artists” make decisions on their work because it could sell, or it could win a prize, or it could be popular, or it could be good for the CV, are all career driven decisions. I think that it’s truly refreshing to have an artist who makes his work just because as he says “I just want to make them”.

Barry has exhibited his work in Brisbane at Fox and Wolloongabba Galleries in Brisbane, in Charles Nodrum’s Gallery in Melbourne and now at Place Gallery.

In more than 30 years he has never wavered in his approach to making his work.

Glenn Morgan
May 2011

Barry Tate 2012 Exhibition
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