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Peter Grziwotz CV (PDF)

Thin Skinned
12 August to 5 September 2009

Desert Father
Saint Jerome lived alone in the wilderness except for the company of a lion. He kept a crucifix, a skull, and a book, and beat his chest with a rock.

My three year old daughter calls out at an ungodly hour of the morning to let me know she needs a piss. Restless in the dark, she needs a hand. Kneeling, I steady her on the potty, drop my head onto her shoulder and listen to the stream. Only two doorways and a short passage separate me from sleep, but navigating that familiar strait could take until dawn.

Thin Skinned
Pressed into being it becomes drawn, erased, restored and so on. Sometimes worse for wear from scratching and scraping to get at it and make it go away. Or the ghost must be coaxed into making a disappearance. Likewise my skin is crawling and I want to fly away and see this done. It is so persistent this thing, a nuisance that I cannot resist the urge to do it over.

Peter Grziwotz
March 2009


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