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  Glenn MORGAN

Glenn Morgan CV (PDF)

If you stand and study a Morgan, you will find numerous enlightened miniatures that weave a patchwork of stories and situations with an almost voyeuristic overview that captures the atmosphere of an occasion, such as a concert, sporting event or his latest works concerning the February bushfires. The two large paintings depicting the tragedy of the fires are masterpieces, a wedding is taking place while down the road in another church a funeral is being conducted, this creates a chilling contrast, as does the carefree loosely painted sky while in the foreground burnt out trees are painted black with the placement and energy of a calligraphy master.

The courage that Morgan shows to consistently tackle unpalatable subjects such as death, violence and suicide have had a bearing on his commercial success, he has never taken the easy road. Simple honesty abounds.

Each piece that Morgan makes, whether large scale, sculptural or painted, is sensitively resolved yet technically powerful and challenging, perhaps so much so that the viewer is left wondering what category of contemporary art Morgan belongs to! Morgan’s work is so quintessentially and uniquely Australian in a country that is still finding its cultural feet, that I wonder how long it will take to finally recognize the significance of this artist’s work.

Barry Tate
June 2009

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