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  Angela LEECH

Angela Leech CV (PDF)

Angela is a recent Honours sculpture graduate from RMIT.

Her work in both collage and sculpture is energetic, vigorous, and executed with talented craftsmanship. The sculptures, in her forthcoming show, are shaped and fabricated in wood or variously molded and formed in soft or rigid natural or synthetic materials.

Often her works reference the human figure – something which is familiar and accessible. Her work also references more ambiguous psychological phenomenon, experiences and perspectives. Ange also builds into the work an original, open and energizing humour.

Sometimes the references to the body are combined with a complement of mechanical elements and nearly always with a mask, appendage or other disguise. Ange’s work shows signs of a fresh and uncanny aesthetic. She combines discordant materials to provoke new dialogues in visual relationships.

Angela Leech 2011 Exhibition
Angela Leech 2009 Exhibition