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  Jeff Faulkner

Jeff Faulkner CV (PDF)

By the Wayside
22 October to 15 November 2008

The intaglio prints in ‘By the Wayside’ are stations of a short excursion, an often repeated return journey between home and the foothills not far beyond the northern outskirts of Melbourne’s suburban sprawl. It is a trip by car, a passage confined by the fences that edge the ribbon of the road. Some landscapes are glimpsed rushing by. Others are studied at wayside stops; no-mans-lands without cover, wherefrom the war on the natural world by humanity is laid bare. My deepest attachment seems to be for a wilderness that no longer really exists. I despair beholding the desolation of what once was. I find consolation and pleasure in the remnant or replanted bush groves and hope in the tattered foothill bush, still connected here and there to the wider realm of forested mountains (however subject to a fate decreed by the whims and intractable problems of the contemporary world). I depart from and return to the refuge of a fenced garden. Shall I make of it Eden or the place of The Fall?

Jeff Faulkner, 2008