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  Alex Selenitsch

Line Corrections
30 July to 23 August 2008

LINE CORRECTIONS is a term taken from the now obsolete production of paper-based artwork for printing. Errors were corrected by pasting strips of new paper over the offending lines. Block-out and photography got rid of shadows caused by the extra thickness of paper. I have always been attracted to normally hidden, undesirable or taboo procedures of writing, printing and paper use; the ‘corrections’ continue this interest. As in previous works, the drawings and sculptures in this exhibition run procedure and metaphor in parallel. Constant adjustment is steering, as Norbert Wiener, the founder of cybernetics, once noted. If you take your eye off the goal, and notice the rhythm of adjustment, you can see that the sum of adjustments is a gestalt of errors which mount up to something.

The horizontal corrections ‘correct’ a pre-existing page of text. The CRAYON DRAWINGS correct a pre-existing template rubbed off a plywood construction. In these, after the initial lines went on, the corrections corrected a previous correction, until some kind of wholeness or fullness was evident. This was also the case for all the works using timber sticks.

In some of the works there was very little pre-existing. The SHEET ASSEMBLIES were just that – assemblies of separate sheets. Apart from the availability of a cluster of sticks, the pre-existing for the JUMBLE ALGORYTHMS was a gluing algorithm of flat-surface-to-flat-surface-with-a-slight-rotation. But they were still subject to adjustment after adjustment after the first gluing.

may/june 08

photography by Terence Bogue

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