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  Michael Graeve

Michael Graeve CV (PDF)

My work is driven by Painting and Sound's interaction, and situates itself in the oscillating terrain found between the two. Painting and Sound practices share a long history of mutual admiration and inspiration. Yet their influence on each other can manifest in two contradictory forces: Firstly towards relational redundancy (eg mutual illustration) and secondly towards un-relational autonomy (eg complete independence).

I am fond of the manner in which painting and sound suggest new possibilities for each other, the manner in which they re-frame each other, the manner in which they desire to fall together, the manner in which they desire to fall apart.

I value an experience of art that unfolds over time, where relation is more important than essence, where a poetics of materiality is more important than representation. Yet this lofty, non-representational desire is frequently tempered by the figuration of my chosen sound instrument (record players and loudspeakers), as well as all those 'relations' between painting and sound that one can speak about so figuratively.

Michael Graeve, August 2007

Michael Graeve 2008 Exhibition

Michael Graeve 2009 Exhibition
Michael Graeve 2011 Exhibition

Michael Graeve 2013 Exhibition