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  Wes Placek

Wes Placek CV (PDF)

Urban Industrial Geometries

These paintings are informed by the series Apertures exhibited in the mid 1990’s.

The current paintings arise from consideration of urban and industrial landscapes. I have always been conscious of the fusion of technology with the urban landscape and environment. Industrial machine forms, urban signage and architectural forms have been appropriated in creating the images. They are a Techno Surreal Landscape. I am intrigued by the influence of architecture in the shaping of my perception of this landscape.

Modernist abstraction and surrealism have informed some of my concerns with pictorial construction. Other influences on this series have come from fractal mathematics, improvisational music and the use of the computer in generating pattern through repetition enabling the formation of new constructions and compositions.

Wes Placek
August 2004

Wes Placek 2012 Exhibition
Wes Placek 2008 Exhibition