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  Tina Douglas 2004: painter

Over a number of years I have been using egg tempera on canvas. I am drawn to its organic qualities and am increasingly seeking to establish a closer relationship with my materials. I like to use the particular qualities of liquids, vertical surfaces and tools to record the layers of actions occurring on the painting’s surface. They incorporate random and gravity based events, as well as marks which are inspired by my knowledge of scientific and technical visual representations. My visual language evolves intuitively.

My relationship with materials also extends to the two dimensional format of the stretched canvas. Their format emphasises the ‘window to the world’ tradition of painting and also allows a micro-macro visual experience to occur. This is important to my need to relate to the structure and process of things. With this format my relationship with the canvas is one that involves my whole body’s perspective.

Since art school days I have become more and more interested in energy sources and their connection with things. I think it is to do with a need to understand or form a closer relationship with the nature of life, energy and consciousness. What separates the seemingly fine line between dormant and active states?

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