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  Alex Selenitsch

Models and Drawings

Mt. Purgatory is an imaginary place. Dante set it in the Southern Hemisphere, opposite Jerusalem. Ezra Pound once suggested it was therefore somewhere near Adelaide, surrounded by sheep. The mountain’s function is to transform an ethereal concept into an image, to give matter a moral or ethical touch.

The chimney is a place where matter strives to become ethereal, either through radiance or evaporation. In the process, the chimney divides matter in two: one part rises and goes away, the other stays.

The chimneys are part of my examination of what I call The Innisfail Section. My preliminary works in this project were published in Fin De Siecle? and the twenty-first century, Architectures of Melbourne, edited by Leon Van Schaik, (RMIT 1993). When attached to The Innisfail Section, that is, to a building, chimneys are chimneys. But when set out as a series of wooden models, they become alchemical figures made of the same stuff that chimneys consume.

The watercolour profiles belong to my projected translation of the second book of Dante’s Divine Comedy. In these drawings, watercolour is treated as a material, and different applications of the watercolour represent the rituals whereby the causes of sin are purged.

Alex Selenitsch
August 2004

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